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A legacy is something that is passed forward-a chance to give to something we have today and to support something we would like to see continue and thrive in the future. Something we find valuable, believe in and is dear to our heart.


What do we believe in at FUPC? The people? The children? The building? The spirit? The joy of making and sharing music together?  Our connection to a larger community?   The fellowship of sharing meals, creating a shared story and having fun? WHAT do you value?


What you value connects us to people and this leads to relationships. And Legacy is all about relationships.


We live our Faith in tangible ways; it is brought to life through our relationships in our lives. Our Faith should be  lived fully, actively and do something. We should share it and it can and does impact those we come into contact with. Our legacy is what will carry us into the future-together. Our shared faith story will continue as we take action now to build a legacy for the church. We have this opportunity before us today to steward our assets to continue building our church community for the present and the future. Creating this legacy will ensure God’s future plans through our church being an alive and vibrant ,  sustainable ministry in downtown Loveland.   


In this process of creating a legacy for FUPC today for the future we are brought together to accomplish something we can’t do individually. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and we empower those who come after us. This act of creating a legacy offers us connection, hope, agency and power. It is inspired  strength to do God’s will.  


We are inviting all of you to “ Live Forward, Give Forward” in creating a legacy for First United Presbyterian Church , the Heart of Christ in the Heart of Loveland.

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