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"Amy was available to give me transportation on two different occasions when I had accidents. She came immediately and was very caring and sympathetic."

"I think Amy does a great job of relating to all ages and personalities. She structured the confirmation class so that there is a great variety of activities, so the time moves quickly and everyone has an activity that they enjoy.”



"FUPC has been more than just a church to me. It has been an extended family and a home for me.  I take pride in telling anyone I talk to about our church and the people who go here and the things we do for Loveland. I hate to even think about what my life would have been like with out the help of  the church during this pandemic and now the forest fires. With the help I have received I have maintained my health and even gotten a lot better in some ways. I try to show my appreciation for the church by picking up the trash and keeping an eye on things around here. I also have received great joy in taking care of the garden with lots of help from Anna Lee this summer."


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